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The Piano Lesson

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Mar. 3rd, 2005 | 01:32 am
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My very dear journal,
Today was quite uneventful, so I must confess there is little point in me ranting over nothing. I do, however, feel it may be useful in practicing how to express myself in ways that are more, shall we say, delicate. Shall I go on? I think I shall.

The morning began in the usual way, putting on the various layers of skirts and shawls as I had to go out. After quite a fuss over retrieving the monetary devices we'd be requiring, we finally set off in our carriage for the destination of Germantown. It is a quaint and beautiful part of the city, with many Tudor-paneled houses and other faux-antique, though still charming, sights. Unfortunately, we lost our way in the seedier parts of town, owing to our driver very absent-mindedly skipping over part of the directions written out for her.

We finally arrived at the house we were looking for. It was quite beautiful, and stuck out regally among some of the other less beautiful townhouses surrounding it. The first room to be seen, instead of being a waiting room or similar place for greeting guests, was the music room. It was meticulusly clean, simply decorated, and centred around its main occupant: a magnificent grand piano. I was introduced at once to the house's main occupant and my new piano teacher.

He was a man with whom my mother had gone to music school. While she pursued the vocal arts, this gentleman was studying to be an accompanist, and my mother had the fortune to be paired with him for recitals and such. They had not spoken since leaving college, but recently my mother, in a search for an appropriate piano teacher for the young ladies in my family, was given his name by one of her associates. Imagine her surprise at finding this man again! He was a kind man, with a sort of intensity in the eyes that was a bit alarming. My mother was hastily escorted into a sitting room and I sat down at once at the piano to begin my lesson.

First he asked me about my prior experience with the piano, and my involvement in musical studies. I admitted that though music was my main passion, I had no special affinity for musical instruments themselves, though I desperately wished I did. I told him about my singing, that I had played clarinet for a few years of my childhood, and that, embarrassingly enough, I could hardly read the notes on the bass clef! The lesson, reduced in time because of our lateness, was pleasant enough. He said I should show rapid progress if I practice. I was given a little march to play and told to say the name of each note as I played it. Startingly elementary, but if I am honest, very necessary.

The rest of the day I took to my bed, having severe pains from my monthly cycle. Women are said to be the weaker sex but I hardly think a man could ever put up with this.

Hopefully I will have more pleasant matters about which I can write soon enough. The snow lingers on in a rather infuriating way. It is March and I wish it to act so. I am quite anxious to do my daily reading and sewing outside in the sunshine. It does things to one's soul to be cooped up all winter, staring outside at the bleak weather.

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From: loki_fire
Date: Jun. 11th, 2005 08:51 pm (UTC)

I hope you don't mind the promotion. You really should apply to our community.
thedoll_house is a rating community for all the dolls (guys and girls) in the alternative scene ...(gothic, transexuals/crossdressers/transvestites,
industrial, cyber, fetish, glam, vamp, alternative, trash, etc)...
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Again, sorry for the promo. I did a search for people that might be interested in our community and your username came up. I hope to see you apply. Take care.

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Yumemiru Macaron

From: angelicpretty
Date: Jun. 13th, 2005 02:09 am (UTC)

that is really, REALLY annoying.

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