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(no subject)

May. 23rd, 2008 | 11:36 pm

I really like the idea of the daily_lolita community, but in practice sometimes it just sort of takes the magic out of wearing lolita. It's a wonderful community and it's nice that it's mostly drama-free. So many of the outfits bore the pants off of me, though. It's either t-shirt and skirt and cardigan "casual lolita" or people going out on a limb to not look cookie-cutter and turning out something weird. It's not a problem with the community so much as I think a lot of girls only wear lolita so they can post about it on livejournal later on. Not that I don't do that sometimes (you guys know I do, haha) but it's like they're using it as a real-life poupee girl, but instead of racking up points for having items in your wardrobe, you're racking up points for how often you wear the items in your wardrobe.

When I told my boyfriend one day that I'd love to wear lolita every day, he told me he hopes I never will because, even though he loves when I wear it, if I wore it every day it would become boring. It wouldn't be special anymore. I understand not everyone wants it to be special and they want it to be part of their everyday lives in different degrees. To me, though, these clothes are weird and expensive, which merits selective wear. I do like to wear them to school or randomly out to a diner or a date once in a while. It seems limiting to wear it every day, almost making it like a uniform.

I never feel special or particularly confident in jeans and t-shirt, but on days where I work or have to get up early for class, I don't have the time or ability to do the dressing up I feel lolita requires. I like that on days when I DO have time to dress up, the difference in the effort and the outcome lifts up my confidence a lot and I like to feel that difference.

I want to post to daily_lolita more because I think it's great. I will probably do a boring t-shirt and skirt and cardigan "casual lolita" outfit that I complained about it. Really, the problem is with my weird perspective and not the community itself.

In the end I can not resist vanity and internet compliments.

(no subject)

Apr. 30th, 2008 | 11:07 pm
mood: geeky geeky

My outfits from NYCC!!!!!!::!!:!:!:!!:




I still need icons for this journal!


Apr. 8th, 2008 | 09:48 pm
mood: chipper chipper

New York Comic Con is coming up!

I think I will do it like this:

Friday: Meta Sweets Dress, maybe with a blouse underneath. It looks kinda weird but I like it. I'm gonna wear my crown for craziness and I think I will attempt the hair puffs everyone's been trying lately.
Saturday: Walking for ITS in the fashion show! So whatever ITS gives me, plus some cute rings I bought from Refuse to Be Usual. I am going to try curling my hair by putting it up in little buns after I shower at night and sleeping on them... It should work. Then I'll do the fluffiest pigtails I can.
Sunday: My mint Tea & Cake dress?

I always feel like I wear all of the clothes I own way too much!

My birthday is coming up! Here is my very abridged wishlist!:

From Bodyline (that's right, I said it):






Still need to make icons!

just some recent outfits!

Mar. 27th, 2008 | 09:58 pm

Here are two recent outfits!

The first is a look at what lolita would be if it were based on MODERN maids, and not French maids. Or if lolitas were bag ladies.


Then I did a redux of an older casual outfit with cuter hair.

This icon was supposed to be temporary. I need to make some using my newer, more srs lolita pictures.

Retrospective Photo Post: Philly Lolitas First Meetup

Mar. 14th, 2008 | 04:50 pm

This was sometime in April, 2005!

It was organized by _vasha_ , a...erm, precocious young girl of 14 who looked like she was 18, started a few lolita communites, became the mascot of a local con, and disappeared into thin air.

Also in attendance was Roger, the host of the now sorta famous Tainted Reality j-rock radio show, who organized BLOOD's tour, among other things.

I even found sakurafairy's original post  and the pictures still work! Wow there are some really horrible pictures of me.

back to the past

Mar. 13th, 2008 | 09:37 pm

Considering this is a pretty spiffy username, I'm going to turn this back into what it once was, a journal specifically for lolita crap. Posting archives of meetups and photoshoots, dishing on dresses I want, friending people only for lolita updates, eccetera eccetera.

lolita not dead

Mar. 6th, 2006 | 11:49 am
mood: curious curious

Hi. I'm not dead. In fact, I'm categorically undead.

Here is my regular journal: tropigalia. Plz to add.

Here are all my lolita pics evar:
Lolita and everything else at my Flickr.
My Lolitasnap account.

Here is my myspace: It is pretty. Add it.

I wanna use this journal more often.

I have Philosophy now so bye!


(no subject)

Nov. 21st, 2005 | 11:46 pm

give me a reason.

give me a reason and i'll do it.

o noes

Jul. 4th, 2005 | 05:00 am
mood: sick sick

best mangaka:
naono bohra (aka god)
masara minase
shimizu yuki

I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR TO OTA BESIDES THE OUJI-KEI OUTFIT KAJI IS MAKING FOR ME. also i haven't sent her my measurements yet or paid her and i feel like an irresponsible jerk but really where is the goddamn measuring tape?

crisis! o.o

makeup i need to buy:
light-ish foundation
liquid black eyeliner
subtle eyeshadow
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The Piano Lesson

Mar. 3rd, 2005 | 01:32 am
mood: content content

My very dear journal,
Today was quite uneventful, so I must confess there is little point in me ranting over nothing. I do, however, feel it may be useful in practicing how to express myself in ways that are more, shall we say, delicate. Shall I go on? I think I shall.

The morning began in the usual way, putting on the various layers of skirts and shawls as I had to go out. After quite a fuss over retrieving the monetary devices we'd be requiring, we finally set off in our carriage for the destination of Germantown. It is a quaint and beautiful part of the city, with many Tudor-paneled houses and other faux-antique, though still charming, sights. Unfortunately, we lost our way in the seedier parts of town, owing to our driver very absent-mindedly skipping over part of the directions written out for her.

We finally arrived at the house we were looking for. It was quite beautiful, and stuck out regally among some of the other less beautiful townhouses surrounding it. The first room to be seen, instead of being a waiting room or similar place for greeting guests, was the music room. It was meticulusly clean, simply decorated, and centred around its main occupant: a magnificent grand piano. I was introduced at once to the house's main occupant and my new piano teacher.

He was a man with whom my mother had gone to music school. While she pursued the vocal arts, this gentleman was studying to be an accompanist, and my mother had the fortune to be paired with him for recitals and such. They had not spoken since leaving college, but recently my mother, in a search for an appropriate piano teacher for the young ladies in my family, was given his name by one of her associates. Imagine her surprise at finding this man again! He was a kind man, with a sort of intensity in the eyes that was a bit alarming. My mother was hastily escorted into a sitting room and I sat down at once at the piano to begin my lesson.

First he asked me about my prior experience with the piano, and my involvement in musical studies. I admitted that though music was my main passion, I had no special affinity for musical instruments themselves, though I desperately wished I did. I told him about my singing, that I had played clarinet for a few years of my childhood, and that, embarrassingly enough, I could hardly read the notes on the bass clef! The lesson, reduced in time because of our lateness, was pleasant enough. He said I should show rapid progress if I practice. I was given a little march to play and told to say the name of each note as I played it. Startingly elementary, but if I am honest, very necessary.

The rest of the day I took to my bed, having severe pains from my monthly cycle. Women are said to be the weaker sex but I hardly think a man could ever put up with this.

Hopefully I will have more pleasant matters about which I can write soon enough. The snow lingers on in a rather infuriating way. It is March and I wish it to act so. I am quite anxious to do my daily reading and sewing outside in the sunshine. It does things to one's soul to be cooped up all winter, staring outside at the bleak weather.